GeoPromote Platform

All-In-one Proximity Management Platform

A geofencing and beacon managment platform that consolidates content creation, management, deployment and visualization into one system.

Proximity App

An app that you can use out-of-the-box for your proximity campaigns. You do not need to develop and publish an app, but of course you can have specific wishes.

  • Welcome a user when he/she visits your event with general information
  • Offer a free coffee when a user visits your restaurant
  • Open a coupon when a user visits your store
  • Open a loyalty card when a user is near the checkout
  • Open a video when a user holds his/her phone near a product in your store
  • Show multi language content for objects in your museum
  • Notify tourists about nearby points of interest and local deals
  • Show fun facts about animals in your zoo
  • Show deals and discounts when users walk around stands
  • Create an adventure story game in your amusement park
  • Show different contextual content for object based on day, date and / or time
  • Notify users about real estate they are nearby
  • Send invitations to a party/wedding with a code or qr people can scan for surprises at the event
  • Inform users about food and drinks at festivals
  • Inform users about what band plays at what tent
  • Let your creativity flow!


A complete snapshot of the ins and outs of your platform account.


View, Edit, and Add Bluetooth Beacons. The Platform supports all major beacon manufacturers natively. You can also add beacons by specifying the beacon major and minor details.


Create your GeoFences and regions. Simply give it a name, draw your geofence on the map and specify the coverage area in meters.

Scenario Boards

Scenario Boards, are the way with which you create triggers to interact with your users. Specify when to trigger, the message to push, what links to open, how often, which days or dates, frequency and much more.


See all the interactions between your users and your scenarios. Detailed interactions are captured, and stored in this section.

Push Notifictions

Not only can you send geo based notifications, but we have made it easy to send a general push or filtered by user's type, their gender, their age group, or smartphone operating system.


Create mobile site(s) from inside the platform. Use your great looking and rich functional mobile site as your destination for your users. It is always on their phone!

Landing pages

Content is king! Easily create landing pages with your desired content. Create one page or multiple pages as your business requires and heart desires!


View full analytics of your account. See interactions, timelines, scenarios, visits to your mobile site apps and landing pages, registered users details, and much more.

Transform the way you communicate with your customers.

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