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We empower digital marketers and resellers with a great income opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to expand your services to the growing IoT market. Become a location marketing authority by providing high quality tools for Bluetooth beacons, geofences and mobile content. The possibilities are endless and the market is open to explore.

What is mobile Proximity Marketing?

The GeoPromote Platform is a Swiss Army knife to create proximity campaigns and content for any type of business. The customer hospitality industry, stores, real estate, expositions, events. You name it.

Create scenarios with push notifications and content. Triggered by the GPS position of a smartphone or their proximity to a Bluetooth beacon.


Are you a marketing agency? A Technology reseller?

Fuel your results with the GeoPromote reseller program!

The GeoPromote Partner Program is open to new applications. Partners are authorized to work under the GeoPromote brand and they should have a proven ability in Sales and Marketing and/or Technology, delivering great results to their customers in their regions.

Benefits of the Geopromote Partner Program

  • Margins Significant recurring revenue stream with margin on additional services.
  • Massive. product and partner competitor differentiation
  • Low up-front costs. GeoPromote doesn't charge you in the trial period (unlimited accounts and connected clients) so you can make tens of demos to your prospects without spending a dollar. We also offer all our partners the option to run a free 14 days trial for any of our plans subject to approvals.
  • Easy access to budgets outside of IT line of business
  • Fast go-to-market. Start selling proximity marketing solutions even before paying!

Start generating recurring revenue streams More opportunities and profitability for your business!

GeoPromote Authorized Partners will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Access partner-only resources, software pre-releases, and test features
  • Deal registration on the 24/7 available partner portal
  • Highly qualified local leads (hotels, restaurants, retailers, offices, other end users)
  • Premium support, that means priority for your help ticket
  • Up-to-date training to acquire the needed sales and technical skills to accelerate your time to the first GeoPromote sale
  • Opportunity to orchestrate joint promotions and co-marketing campaigns with GeoPromote

Becoming a reseller is completely FREE. Sign up today and start earning residual income selling state of the art mobile proximity marketing solutions

White label

Rebranding GeoPromote

Aligning back to back with our reseller partners, GeoPromote runs a white label partnership program for those businesses who would like to sell GeoPromote Proximity Marketingsolutions under their own brand. From an established solution at the forefront of a rapidly expanding marketplace to start-up support from GeoPromote's experienced channel, technical and training teams. White label resellers receive all the benefits of our reseller partners and more.

Would you like to become a white label partner? Join us !

Grow your business with our white label program

GeoPromote gives white label partners the unique opportunity to customize the homepage, Login page and the analytics dashboard with their own name, brand and logo. "White Label" means that partner companies are able to "rebrand" most of the elements of the GeoPromote platform, to make it appear as their own, and remove the GeoPromote name from the software. The white label partner program addresses the needs of those who want to rebrand and customize the user experience for their final customers.

Advantages of the white label program

  • An opportunity to build recurring revenue.
  • Delivers ownership of all data and access to in depth analytics.
  • Hide GeoPromote. Hide the GeoPromote name from your customers and their App clients, by changing the site page URL and the dashboard URL
  • Get high-level support. Your cases have high priority when you're a white label partner. You will receive an answer within 48 hours of submitting your case (for urgent cases, within 24 hrs)
  • Rebrand the software and manage user experience. Manage the user experience and rebrand the software with your own logo and company name.
  • Helps you to retain customers - reducing churn rates.
  • Powerful API's for integration into your systems.

To become a White Label partner, you pay a one-time setup fee, and monthly or yearly licenses.

Transform the way you communicate with your customers.

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